Friday, October 29, 2010


last week i had 2 shifts in Womens Shoes/Accessories. i hadn't worked in that department for a few months but it didn't take long to get back into the swing of things. believe me it can be a maze of shelves of shoeboxes out the back and can take forever to find just one pair.
one of the ladies i was working with told me about two new 3 month part-time positions in shoes and accessories that had just been advertised and suggested i should apply for one. as i'm only casual at Myer i thought this would be perfect and could maybe lead to a more permanent position!
it does start mid-November though so i was worried that my Japan trip would coincide, we get back on the 17th, but i checked with the manager and they said it was a-okay.
fingers crossed i get one of the positions!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


worked in Womenswear today with all the pretty clothes from Wish, Wayne by Wayne Cooper, Out With Evie, Cue, Review etc. so many dresses out at the moment for the races season.
i've actually never been to any race day before and it looks like i won't be going this year either since we'll be in Japan from the 2nd (Cup Day) to the 16th of November. Jen's very mad at me for this as she wanted us to go together.
a customer spent $600 today on 2 pairs of skinny cargo pants, a top and 2 dresses, i think. crazyness. i noticed when i was folding one of the dresses she bought that there was some pins pinned into the back of the straps. then i saw that both straps had been sewn shorter with dodgy hand sewing! we can only assume that someone bought the dress, altered it, wore it with the tags still on and then returned it. the nerve of some people i know. i'm so glad i spotted it and even more glad that we had another one to give to the customer in the same size. lucky.
you get so many returns in Womenswear. actually in any clothing section. returns used to be such a painful process to do, now we have new registers so its nice and fast. makes for very happy employees. oh yeah and customers. better not forget about them.

paranormal activity 2

saw PA2 the other day with my friend Jen. yes we saw it during the day because Jen was afraid to watch it at night lol. but i am glad she came with me at all since the boyfriend didn't want to see it :(
i didn't go in with my hopes too high so i was pleasantly surprised. any excuse for popcorn...mmm...
i really, really liked it. i won't say too much so i don't spoil it, but the movie takes place before the first one so it explains a lot.
i love scary movies and this one had me sucked right in. lots of jumpy moments.
i was even still feeling scared the next day when i was alone in my house. had to keep reminding myself none of it was real. that's a sign of a good movie, in my opinion.
so anyway, if you liked the first movie then definitely go see it. i'd even watch it again. hopefully they make more of them! 9 out of 10 :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

more Japan snaps

me! admiring a gorgeous cherry blossom tree
(click to view pics larger)

inside a train

modern-looking house at Mount Fuji, yet still with traditional touches

strange looking yellow sculpture lol and a tower thats getting built

our room at one of the hostels we stayed in, complete with mats and rice paper doors

had to take a picture of this girls gorgeous dress!

huge park near Shinjuku (i think, can't remember the name!)

Do not Rush! a sign at a train station hehe

a few things we picked up from a convenience store for only about $6! yes those are hard-boiled eggs!

Khaosan Tokyo Annex hostel, stayed here a few nights

Khaosan Samurai hostel, stayed here too

view of Mount Fuji from the Fuji Q theme park

food display in front of a restaurant

building in Akihabara

view from the train

Monday, October 18, 2010

favourite rings

my 2 favourite rings at the moment, top: YSL arty ring in pink, and bottom: Sportsgirl silver knuckle ring :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nasty Gal

on the 26th of September i ordered these wedges from Nasty Gal. on the 29th i received an email to say my order status was "Partially Shipped". i then heard nothing else from them, until the 11th of October when i received an apologetic email to say my wedges had been sold out and my order cancelled.

it took them 15 days to tell me.

i clicked into their site to see what sizes they had left, and it was still showing all the sizes, including my size. so i replied back to them asking if they really are sold out as they are still showing on their site. they responded very promptly and said yes they were sold out in sizes
5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 8, 9, 9.5 (i am size 9). fair enough but they could update the site to reflect this.

this morning, still angry that it took them 15 days to let me know, i wrote on their facebook wall how disappointed i was and that they had lost me as a customer.
within an hour they commented to say that someone from their customer service team was going to contact me and try to work it out.

sure enough i received an email from said person stating that they are "currently experiencing tremendous growth and unfortunately with growth sometimes errors are made". they actually did "initially delay notifying me in hopes the item would be restocked". then she said "
As a courtesy to you I have issued a $60 store credit to your Nastygal account. I hope you will find this compensation is satisfactory".

and i do! thank you very much Nasty Gal! i will continue to shop with them now and i'm glad they valued my patronage enough to resolve the situation. i still they they should update the site as it will still let you purchase them even though i've been told they're sold out. hopefully my next purchase will be a bit smoother lol :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

life is a dance floor

today Buyinvite started a Samantha Wills Sale! i had been looking to get some bangles for Summer and love all her designs so much. bought this set which includes a gold Life is a Dance Floor leather clutch and the gold Shyanne bangle set.
this will be my first Samantha Wills piece and love the look of the boxes each jewellery piece comes in. will be handy to store lots of pieces in!
check her stuff out at :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010


pretty shots of the gorgeous Spring day we had today. taken from my front yard :)


just had a great workout on my exercise bike while watching My Neighbour Totoro. i love this movie, its sooooo cute!

the little girl, Mei, is adorable

i wanna ride in this cat bus!

Ergo Proxy

my favourite anime. Ergo Proxy. watch it. now.

Re-l (pronounced Rielle) Mayer. she is one cool character. i want to be her.

Vincent Law. awkward and uncoordinated but lovable.

THE best character. EVER. you will love her and want one just like her. i promise.

if you love anime then you've probably seen it. even if you dont love anime you should see it. i can't explain how much i love it. that is all.

Friday, October 8, 2010

i love billy

love these new bow sandals from I Love Billy, i must have them! only problem is i don't know which colour to get. i love the beige but i am very fair-skinned and do not tan at all so would that colour look weird on me?

i could go safe and get the black but i do already have the black Melissa bow flip flops...decisions decisions! although sometimes when i wear black shoes i wonder if the black can look harsh against my fair skin, and probably make me look even whiter. so maybe i should try the beige, natural colour at the possibility of making me look not so pale?

Thursday, October 7, 2010


this was the unveiling of my Tiffany & Co. Bow Pendant i bought for myself last summer. i was so excited to get it and loved getting my own little blue bag and box. i wear it just about every day and get a lot of comments on it still :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

tee time

couldn't resist this cute tee from its called The Femme Tee and was $59. they have a whole bunch of new tee and singlet designs in for summer. also you can get 10% off for the next 48 hours with the code "Mani10" :)

Monday, October 4, 2010


this is what happens when you try to walk on your foot when its asleep! lol well i am glad i can laugh about it now, it wasnt funny at the time!

it was just an ordinary day, about 2pm, and i was sitting at the computer at home alone with my legs crossed. i got up quite fast to put some washing out and when i stepped on my right foot i realised it was completely numb. however instead of sitting back down and waiting for the feeling to come back, i continued to walk on it.

on about the second or third step i landed badly on my foot and hurt my ankle. at first it didnt hurt much, probably because i had no feeling in it yet. so i rested on the arm of the couch and shook my foot a bit to try and wake it up. i then felt this wave of heat rush over my body and next thing i know i wake up on the floor! yes i had fainted. i was so out of it, i didnt know where i was or what had happened. the first thing i saw was my glasses on the floor with the arm broken off. my head felt weird so i touched my eyebrow where it hurt and found blood.

basically because i was only perched on the side of the couch and not sitting on it properly, when i fainted i only had one place to fall. head first into the carpet where my glasses fell off my face, the arm broke off and the plastic from the frame cut into my eyebrow. i was so lucky it wasnt any closer to my eye, i could have done some serious damage. i rang my boyfriend straight away, well after i had cleaned it up, and he said he'd come straight home which would take an hour. he also told me to ring my doctor and see if we could go in so she could check it out.

when he got home we went to the doctors and had to wait half an hour, he bought me a strawberry donut to help me feel better :) when i finally got to the doctor, all she did was look at it, didnt even touch it or clean it, just said it was superficial and didnt require stitches and it shouldnt leave a scar. she asked me when my last tetanus shot was, back in Year 10 i think, so i got a tetanus shot just to be on the safe side. and boy do they hurt! i think my arm hurt for a whole week :(

the cut is healing nicely now, and no one even knows its there unless i tell them since my thick fringe covers it! hopefully it doesnt scar...

does anyone else faint when you get hurt? this has happened to me twice now, last time was when i banged my knee on something under a desk and i woke up on the floor with my head in a waste paper basket lol! people have told me that it just must be my body's way of dealing with pain and that i probably shouldnt try getting a tattoo or have any babies without drugs lol

Sunday, October 3, 2010


went out last night to a friends mum's 60th birthday party at a local golf club. i wore:
- Glassons cream Gwen boyfriend blazer over
- the above Alice McCall Axon tee tucked into
- Review black bandage skirt
- Jeffrey Campbell Tackle wedges
i bought that tee quite a while ago and this was the first time i'd worn it lol, reason for that is that its quite a weird cut, very wide and boxy which results in a lot of material adding extra weight and bulkiness. of course i love the bow detail and the sparkly diamantes.
was also my first outing in my Tackle wedges. i had to buy an insole for them as i should have listened to the reviews and bought a whole size down...i only got half size down cos i was worried they'd be too small. now due to the cutouts in the shoe it was quite an effort to cut the insole so that you wouldnt see it, but i think i succeeded in the end. next time i'm at the shops i'll get a thicker one as my foot was still moving around a tiny bit.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sporty girl

Vee vee longline shirt

Pretty jewel ballet flat

forgot to mention a couple weeks ago i picked up these from Sportsgirl's online shop. free postage when you spend over $120 is pretty good. package came nice and fast and i even got a free little Sportsgirl tote bag with my order.
only bad thing was that when i was buying the shirt it said in the description that it was 100% cotton, but when i received it i looked at the tag and it was viscose :( i emailed Sportsgirl and they apologised and said they'd fix it asap, which they did.
i definitely would have preferred it to be cotton as viscose wrinkles very easily but i couldnt be bothered returning it lol. the shirt does feel nice and silky, i'll just live with the wrinkles.
i wore it today tied up loosely over a white Cassette Society tee tucked into a Review black bandage skirt and my black Melissa bow flip flops.
i got the ballet flats in my normal size and they fit, theyre just a little tight across the toes. i am hoping they will stretch but i doubt it since they are not made of leather.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Scream 4

i saw on Entertainment Tonight the other day that there was going to be another Scream movie, Scream 4! can you believe it? i wonder if it will even be scary. movies try so hard these days that they arent even scary. i must admit that the ghostface mask does kind of scare me still, thats why i found a pic without it haha.
i am kind of impressed that they've managed to rope in some of the old cast members, like Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette.
the plot is, according to IMDb: ten years have passed, and Sidney Prescott, who has put herself back together thanks in part to her writing, is visited by the Ghostface Killer.
release date is in May next year for Oz, anyone else a fan of the Scream movies?