Thursday, July 29, 2010


argh why has no one made copies of these!! if anyone knows of any look-a-likes pleeeaase let me know!


Karen Walker 'Villa Von Karen Tee'

Kloset 'Daisy T'shirt Dress'

Both from Maximillia, i wants them.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ra ra ra!

just bought this cute Seafolly Ra Ra dress from Buyinvite for $50 down from $100! will be great for summer!


Sass and Bide 'The New Sun' Dress

Sass and Bide 'Streets of Heaven' Oversized Tank Dress

Sass and Bide 'State of Grace' Tank Dress

Antipodium 'Hunt and Gather Dress'

All from, just bought the Raison D'etre dress as i found a 10% off code!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


me and my boy went on our first overseas trip together in April this year to Japan! we only went for about 8 days but i wish we stayed longer. we both love everything about Japan, the language, the anime, the cars, the fashion (me), the cheap computer parts (him!), most of the food and the way they live. cannot wait to go back! could easily live there.
we took something like 400 photos, here are just a few of my favourites.


i've been working at Myer since late last year and am loving it. i mainly work at the general fragrances counters but being casual i work wherever they need me too! working in Miss Shop and womenswear is great too as i pretty much get to look at clothes all day and plan what to buy!
i started off as a Christmas casual, this is just about the only time Myer employs anyone. naturally i was hoping to be kept on after Christmas ended but as my local store employed about 30 new casuals just for the holiday period, i thought my chances were slim. so i worked hard, listened to criticisms and as i had full availability i worked whenever i was asked and never turned an extra shift down. the ladies at fragrances said i was doing excellently and really thought i had a good chance of being kept on.
after Christmas ended and work began to slow down, my floor manager informed me i was one of the lucky, very few people that were staying on casually!
it really is a lot of fun and i love going to work, whether its one or seven shifts a week!


yep you guessed it, me and my boy are big Star Trek fans. we're currently watching the whole series of Star Trek Enterprise for the second time and plan to watch Star Trek Voyager again next, its our favourite!


just had to share this gorgeous cardigan i found online this morning, so sweet!
available at Gosh Celebrity Fashion here.

Friday, July 16, 2010

coral red

ahh how hot is this blazer?! not on me though as it wouldn't go with my skin tone but i could definitely see it on someone with tanned or olive skin.
its the item up for grabs today at Daily Labels and is $170 down from $280!


Adam Liaw

absolutely loving Masterchef this year, apart from the fact that my favourites Marion and Jonathon are gone. i never miss an episode and if i do i promptly watch it the next day online! i think my next fave to win is Adam, love his personality and his style of cooking. Alvin is a close second though.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Michael Paynter

if you haven't heard of him already then look him up, hes gonna be big! Michael Paynter's new song 'Love the Fall' is an awesome awesome track, this guy is really talented. i may be biased since i went to church and was friends with him and his family when i was little but just one listen of him and you'll know he's gonna be the next big thing.
he's also friends with The Veronicas and regularly stays on their couch in LA! they also appear in the 'Love the Fall' music video and do back up vocals!
Michael performed his new one on Hey Hey It's Saturday last night and i just got goosebumps from listening to him.
for more info check out his Wikipedia page here, he also has Facebook pages here and here, so let's all get supporting Aussie talent!
'Love the Fall' is available on iTunes and is released officially next week.


i am loving biker (motorcycle?) boots right now and searched everywhere for a cheap pair as my tastes are changing constantly. my dream pair are the Jeffrey Campbell for Free People Harness Harley boot but until i know i really really want them i can't spend that much.

so i had to settle for a pair from Spendless Shoes which aren't too bad and are holding up quite well since i wear them nearly every day with every outfit!

when a stranger calls

watched this movie last night on Go! When A Stranger Calls, it actually wasn't as bad i thought it was going to be. i love a good scary movie, key word there being 'good', but most are too gory and bloody or just lame. i like more psychological movies where they get inside your head and this movie was almost that.
it was so lame but funny when they used the line "the call is coming from inside the house!!" i cracked up laughing at that.
mostly i couldn't stop looking at Camilla Belle's eyebrows, i think she is my new girl crush. they are amazing and i am seriously jealous. she's a pretty good little actress too, why haven't i heard much about her?
anyway i really did not like how they ended it but i won't spoil it for you, you will just have to watch it! i give it 8 out of 10.

Daily Labels is a great new online store that delivers one new item of clothing every day for 24 hours until sold out from Australia's top fashion designers. they recently had a whole week of Daniela Orlando pieces and her stuff is amazing! other designers include Das Monk, Rich and KissinCussin and more!
check it all out here.

ClearIT online

clearit online are giving away a $500 gift voucher to spend at their online store! simply enter here! you get more entries for telling your friends too! the winner will be announced via email on the 25th August.

recent purchases

pretty striped cami from the label Sass (flower not included although seeing how good it looks i want to get one!) from for $30 including postage. i am a bit obsessed with tee dresses and tunics at the moment as you can see!

nice loose fitting dress from endlesswardrobe that i can wear in winter with leggings and a leather jacket as well as in summer! it comes in black, charcoal and white. i got it in black, as well as 15% off!